Catering Supplies/Divine Disposables
Robert Granoff

“Selling food service disposables in split cases,
with NO minimum order.”

photo-(1) photo-(2) photo offers a UNIQUE product mix to the small food service operator.

It all started in 1904 when my grandfather escaped the Czar of Russia. He arrived in Philadelphia with nothing. His first job in the new country was in a bakery. He met and married my grandmother there. After saving enough money they moved to New Haven, Connecticut, where they opened a saloon and pool hall. Soon after they sold the saloon to open the family’s first paper company, STAR PAPER COMPANY. The only paper items at the time were kraft rolls, paper napkins and a few others. They added tobacco, shoe laces, socks and other sundries. As the paper industry grew other items were added; paper cups, kraft bags and paper plates.

In 1924 at the age of ten my father started working as their delivery boy. His job was to take care of Sally, my grandparent’s beloved horse, who along with their wagon made their deliveries possible.

After the war in 1945 STAR PAPER COMPANY was sold and the family moved to Miami Beach at which time my father founded GRACO PAPER COMPANY from the garage of our rented house.The first warehouse was built in 1950 and as the business grew moved to   larger facilities.

I joined the company full time in 1965 after graduating with a business degree from the University of Miami. Having worked with my dad since  I was twelve unloading trucks and stacking merchandise I was well aquainted with the paper business.

When my father retired in the mid 1970s I purchased GRACO PAPER COMPANY from him, adding THE PAPER WHOLESALER, a chain of cash and carry stores as well as a web site, CATERINGSUPPLIES.COM. The company grew immensely and in the late 1990s I sold it in order to pursue my passion for wooden boat  building  and fishing. I kept the web site wanting to stay in the industry and continue to provide customers with my services.